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The Winery

The Bass River wine making facility is located onsite. Our fruit is in very close proximity to the winery so that grape handling and wine making can be undertaken immediately after the fruit is picked. The winery is capable of heating, cooling and freezing, each treatment specific to the desired wine style.

The winery is gravity fed from fruit processing to juice and wine delivery to the underground barrel room and bottling line. At Bass River we invest in wine making equipment that fully respects the grape and wine at each stage. This is apparent from our unique linear destemmer to selecting hand crafted French oak barrels from top quality forests.

At Bass River the winery operations and sustainability principles are integrated to reduce our carbon foot print where feasible and practical. In recent times, we have installed a 7kW solar panel system to offset our energy consumption. However, we now produce more energy over a year than we actually need to operate the winery during the vintage period. Further, our waste water is sustainably returned to the ground water and grape waste is converted to fertilizer for the vineyard or supplied as a treat to our beef cattle.