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The River Block

The River Block is a precisely planted vineyard consisting of 80 rows each to a length of 100m, in the Bass River flats. The rows run north – south with a slight eastern aspect. Located only metres from the Bass River, the site was selected due to its unique soil build up which consists of dark brown fertile layer over a dense brown/orange compact loam.

The River Block was mostly planted in the winter of 2006. However, due to the frost event of 17 October 2006 some portions of the block were replanted in 2007. The River Block consists of Pinot Noir (777, 114, G5V15), Chardonnay (I10V5), Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc.

At the eastern end of the River Block is our 300 plant olive grove. In total there are approximately 600 olive trees at Bass River.